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I am Shelly Hamill.  Jane Keller was my grandmother.  She was a huge influence in my decision to become an artist.  Jane painted landscapes of Texas in oil from photographs she took along the country roads she traveled in her and my grandfather's antique business.  She painted from photographs and memory with no formal training.  My grandparents had a table in their antique store reserved for smaller items and the proceeds from the table went into a piggy bank at the front of the store for myself and my sister.  It is in this spirit I have created The Keller Prize.  

I encourage artists from all backgrounds and all disciplines to apply.  While Jane was a landscape painter, submissions will be accepted in different mediums. 



Nicholas James Ducasse is the Gallery Director for Eden Gallery in Aspen, Colorado.  Nicholas is half French and half English.  He was born and raised in St. Germain en Laye just outside of Paris.  He studied drama, acting, singing and art history at Cours Jean Perimony and Drouot.  Nicholas worked in high end hospitality in Saint Barts, Paris and Morocco.  Eight years ago he then turned his attentions and began running a gallery in St. Tropez.  Nicholas has run galleries in Marbella Spain, Verbier Switzerland, Mykonos Greece, Miami USA and now Aspen.  Nicholas will bring a worldly view and keen eye to The Keller Prize.



The Aspen Sojourner magazine is an award winning publication in print since 1995.  The winners of The Keller Prize will be featured in a 2 page spread advertorial piece in the Winter/Spring 2023/2024 issue both in print and online, valued over $8400.  The winners will be also announced in a dedicated email sent to the Aspen Sojourner Magazine email list with over 2900 emails.  A link will be available to send readers to the Gallery page of 'The Keller Prize' website where every submitted artist will receive exposure and links back to their own personal artists websites when available.  Adding this component to the Prize package increases the value of the Prize and the overall exposure for the artists.   

(1) Grand Prize and (2) Runners Up will be chosen.

  • Aspen Sojourner is an award winning publication since 1995

  • 52,000 Annual Circulation

  • 286,00 Annual Readership with an average household income of over $500,000

  • Distribution Highlights: Lodging, Property Management & Real Estate, High end retailers, galleries, restaurants, private and public airports, chamber visitor and welcome centers.

  • Exclusive airport distribution in Delta, United and American Airline Clubs nationwide. 

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The Keller Prize is open to international artists over the age of 18. 

Mediums accepted include: Painting*Photography*Sculpture*Drawing*Printmaking

Textile Art*Installation*Mixed Media*Murals*Ceramics*Mosaics

Application Requirements:  Name, Email, website, Instagram Username if avail, Facebook if avail, 5 images (JPG or PNG files).

Submission fee: $45 USD for 5 images,  $4 USD for each additional image up to 15 total images, or $85 USD for 15 images.  No refunds.

1 Grand Prize and 2 Runner's Up will be chosen.  Judge's decisions are final and no refunds will be offered once a submission has been accepted.

Submission deadline September 30, 2023

Submissions will be shown in a gallery on The Keller Prize website, Instagram and Facebook pages.  Artists who submit their work, agree to have images of their work to be used in print and online media.


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